Tenant Tips and Advice

If you want to be a successful candidate for a property you have viewed you first have to complete an application form. This is the starting point, get your application in quickly. It is important that initially you supply as much information as possible and try to answer all questions. Submitting copies of everyone’s photo ID from the start will help your application from being delayed.

Having great landlord references is your next big selling point. We always do landlord reference checks and if you don’t supply a landlord reference we become suspicious as to why you can’t supply one so make sure you have a good relationship with your current landlord so they won’t ruin your chances of getting your next property.

If you are a successful candidate we will have to credit check you, if you think you have bad credit from an unpaid phone bill or some previous situation it may help to explain this in advance so we know to expect it and can maybe overlook it if it’s a minor issue. Don’t leave debts unpaid as that shows a history of non-payment and we will avoid you as a tenant.

The next thing we look at is tribunal history, if you have been to tribunal in the past and haven’t disclosed this to us and explained it we will reject you as a possible tenant. Tenants with a history of going to tribunal are not good options for us as it often means that you are not meeting your obligations as a tenant during previous tenancies.

We often have more than one application on a property at any time so we will just move on to the next applicant if we find anything detrimental to you as a possible tenant, if you are a good tenant email us when you are looking to find a property and we might be able to help.


Tenants should ensure they have adequate insurance.

Tenants Insurance

We all have some items that we have in our home, like our clothes, electronics and other personal items. If any of it was ever stolen or lost in a fire, it would be nice to have some insurance to help pay for replacing these items, right?

Rothbury Insurance Brokers can help you with this.

Not only can we organise cover for your personal possessions, but more importantly, when you obtain Contents Insurance, you have automatic Liability Insurance in case you are held responsible for any accidental damage you cause to your landlord’s (or any other party’s) property. These costs can be substantial and are often not considered as a potential risk when renting a property.

Rothbury has access to various major insurers who provide Contents Insurance tailored to your situation.

Call today for a free, no obligation quote and advice on getting some insurance in place.

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