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Full Rental Property Management

The first step in getting your property rented is finding out what you should expect it to rent at.

It is important that you get this right as rents can fluctuate in the Wellington market depending on the time of year and condition of the property.

We can give you up-to-date information on what your property will rent for using a combination of our professional experience and knowledge plus research tools and contacts that we have on hand.

Expert Advice and Supprt

When you book a free rental appraisal through our property managers in Wellington we will arrange a time that suits you to view the property, we can also accommodate for any current tenants that may be living in the property and be discreet about our requirement of being in the property.

While at the property we can advise you on what you can do to improve the property’s rental attractiveness and ultimately how to attract the best tenant at the highest possible return.

After viewing the property, we will send you a report showing the rental rate we think the property should be advertised at, plus we will provide you with details of the services we can offer you specifically designed and priced for your property.

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Powell&Co Property Management offers full rental property management. We welcome your enquiry and are happy to discuss the options available to you.