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Full rental management services

Powell&Co Property Management offers a comprehensive rental management
service that looks after the details big and small so you don’t have to. 

Our Rental management process


To start the process for full management, owners need to complete the Schedule of Owners details form here.

This allows us to enter owners and their property into our management system, we then create a management contract which we send to the Owner to outline the terms of our services.


Once the contract is approved and signed, we will take professional photographs of your property, capturing the property’s best angles and light. We will advise you of anything that might need to be done before the first viewing to make your property as attractive as possible to potential tenants. If you are not in the country we will arrange for anything to be done with your permission only. 


Your property is then advertised on all major online avenues, including Trademe,, and Facebook. We have a database of people looking for rentals and we also use our extensive network of local contacts, alongside other local initiatives to make sure your property attracts the right tenants.  


Viewings are held at your property at least 3x a week and on weekends, we use a viewing tracker to track people coming through and only allow a maximum of 5 people to attend each ten-minute viewing slot. Viewers apply either online or by filling in our application form. Once these forms are received we run extensive background checks, credit checks, and rental history checks on all applicants to make sure we find excellent tenants for your property. 


When the right applicant is chosen we contact the owner to make sure they are happy with our chosen applicant and the terms of the tenancy that we propose. Using the comprehensive tenancy agreements that have been developed over the years we secure the tenant to a fixed-term lease to protect the owners and lodge a bond with the Ministry of Business and Innovation.  


Before the tenancy begins we complete a thorough pre-tenancy condition report on the property including condition photos, to make sure there is an accurate snapshot of the property’s condition that we can refer to at the end of the tenancy. We meet with the tenants at the property and walk through the condition report with them getting them to agree to the current condition of the property on the first day. We also use this time to point out any requirements the property might have for a successful occupation such as how often to clean range hood filters, where the rubbish should be placed and what is expected in regard to ventilation of the property on a daily basis. We then get them to sign the condition report and we hand over the keys to the tenants and let them begin their tenancy.

We keep things running smoothly, so you can relax.

During the tenancy we deal with all communications with tenants in a timely manner. Through our regular communication with the tenants we often find out about issues that may arise between inspections. We will first attempt to resolve these issues ourselves if possible or request permission from the owner to remedy if required.

The property is inspected every three months, and maintenance issues are addressed as they arise with the consultation of the owner.

We provide tenants with email and posted confirmation of when the inspection will take place so there are no excuses for them not to be prepared for our visit.

At the inspections we expect the property to be in a clean and tidy condition so we can easily notice any issues that may have arisen since the last inspection. Inspections are carried out using a specifically developed IPad App which allows us to see what occurred at the previous inspection.

On departing we leave the tenants a note thanking them for looking after the property or vary rarely we have to ask them to do more for the next inspection if it is not satisfactory.

If the property has not been presented to our standards, we tell them we will return in 14 days to re-check and if it’s still not acceptable at that point we breach the tenants and discuss with owner’s options on moving forward. If maintenance issues have been raised we include these in the inspection notes and follow up with the owners to get permission to proceed with repairs.

We have access to a fantastic network of skilled and reliable tradespeople to carry out necessary maintenance to make sure your property is expertly looked after at a reasonable price.

As rent comes in, it’s tracked by our fantastic software from Realbase. You will be sent statements once a month, with attached copies of any maintenance invoices that have been paid for during the month for your files.

As a tenancy ends we discuss options on renewing the tenancy with possible rent increases where applicable. Once the owner has given us their guidelines we negotiate with the tenants and prepare new paperwork or if the tenant is going to vacate we begin the search for new replacement tenants. Often we are able to put new tenants into the property with very little downtime between tenancies, we only require 3 days to turn around a property. When the current tenants’ notice to vacate has been received we send them a vacate letter to inform them of what is expected at the end of the tenancy. We then discuss any issues that may arise at their end-of-tenancy checks to try to pre-empt anything that could slow down the turnaround such as carpet cleaning or repairs that might be required. At the end of the tenancy do a thorough walk-through with the original condition photos. We work through any issues with the tenant, giving them a chance to remedy them and offer to arrange repairs and deduct from their bond if preferred.

Once the property is back in order, ready to go for the next tenant and all the rent is paid up to date we sign the bond refund form for the tenant and send it to Tenancy Services to be released. 

“Exceeding expectations”

The team will exceed your expectations and we are very impressed with their promptness and responding time. Highly recommended.

Kelvin Lim

“Have never let me down”

Highly professional and have never let me down when I needed assistance. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the Wellington area in need of this type of service.

Ellen LaPorte

“Helpful, and caring”

Over the last few years Keith and the team have provided top class attention to our Newtown rental property, the tenants and us. Always proactive, helpful, and caring. Highly recommended.

Nick Farland

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