Frequenty Asked Questions

How do I get photos of my property?

We have an established relationship with a photographer who we can get to photograph your property. Alternatively, you are welcome to source your own photographer provided the images produced are top quality.

How much can I rent my property for?

We will do an assessment of your rental property, taking in to account the style, age, size and location of your property and let you know what similar properties in the local market are charging for rent and what you can expect.

What services would my property manager provide?

Predominantly, property managers are in charge of sourcing & background checking new tenants, managing rent collection, overall property maintenance, and handling of tenant complaints.

How much do you charge?

This rate can vary depending on your property, its location, whether you already have tenants or are searching for new ones. Talk with us today for a quote.

How do you handle tenant relations?

Tenant relations are a critical aspect of property management, and we have strong processes in place to handle any issues with tenants efficiently and effectively.

How do you handle maintenance and repairs?

Maintenance and repairs are an integral part of managing a property. We have a network of reliable contractors in Wellington so we can respond to and repair issues quickly & efficiently.

How much involvement do property owners have?

We provide full management of your property. Your property manager will handle routine maintenance, inspections and repairs, including hiring contractors and ensuring the property is well-maintained, the owner will be informed of any work before it goes ahead unless a disbursement has been agreed to and will receive an inspection report every three months when completed. Your property manager will handle tenant screening, leasing, and communication with tenants, before offering the property the owner will be given an overview of prospective tenants and given the opportunity to provide input.

The owner will receive monthly financial statements outlining in-going and outgoing charges, in instances where there is not enough monies in the rental account for the property when work has been completed, the owner will be asked to cover the difference to pay out contractors in a timely manner. The owner will still need to be available for any emergencies or major decisions regarding the property.

How long does it typically take to find tenants?
This depends on a variety of things, the time of year, the number of available rentals online, the advertised price and the quality of your property. We try to list properties approximately four weeks out from the date it will be vacant to ensure a suitable tenant is found.
When your property is appraised the property manager will suggest any improvements that could increase the value on the property and the time in which it is rented.
Do you have a waiting list?

We do not have a waitlist for any of our properties as tenant requirements can change week to week, and to ensure everyone is provided the same opportunity to secure a property – we do have a weekly newsletter that prospective tenants can sign up for to be notified of any new listings.